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  • solar epc companies in india

    Presence in six states- M.P., U.P., Uttrakhand, Punjab, Haryana and Karnataka

    Planning for pan- India exposure and neighbouring countries by 2017

  • solar epc companies in india

    We are young ‘n’ fresh yet proficient ‘n’ experienced

    We are Vivaan

  • solar epc companies in india
Great News!! We are glad to announce that Vivaan Solar has bagged the contract to set up a 2 MW rooftop solar power plant at the Rail Wheel Factory, Yelahanka near Bangalore Karnataka. Vivaan Solar will get the LOA for the prestigious project by 15 February 2017. Read more at Vivaanblog   -   10-02-2017       Great News!!! We are glad to share the news that Vivaan Solar has bagged the order to install 5 MW roof top solar power installation at each of the 4 major railway stations in the National Capital Region of Delhi.The 4 railway stations for which Vivaan Solar has got the contract to install 5 MW roof top solar each are the Anand Vihar Terminal railway station, the Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station, the Old Delhi Railway Station, and the New Delhi railway station.   -   15-11-2016       Please check out our photos of REI 2016 on our official Facebook   -   15-11-2016       As per Bridge to India Report 2016, with nowhere ranked among Top 30 in 2015, Vivaan Solar is now among Top 15 Solar EPC Contractors of India in 2016.   -   15-11-2016      

Solar Plant Installation Company in India Harnessing the power of Sun

The energy of sun has been present since the beginning, is phenomenal, never depleting, non-polluting and free of cost. We need a smart, efficient and effective tools and techniques to use this energy.

Vivaan Solar- an expertise in harnessing solar energy in every possible way – be it grid connected or off-grid, be it KW to MW.

Our approach:

  • Innovation,

    is what we believe in

    Planting Jatropha Plants, a biodesiel fuel to fence solar park

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  • Innovation,

    is what we believe in

    Organic Farming, Cultivation of small size plants beneath panels

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  • Innovation,

    is what we believe in

    Harvesting Rainwater in a reservoir to save water used in cleaning panels

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Power Plant

Solar Parks Grid connected power plants

We have used interdisciplinary approach in crafting robust, functional and engaging power plants that delights and delivers results. We believe in results and we combine knowledge with application to deliver results that assure secured returns on investments.


Grid Connected Solar PV Plants

Rooftop Solar Power plant

Rooftop Solar Be an independent power producer

Solar energy is present everywhere in abundance, and is more than enough to illuminate the whole earth. At Vivaan Solar, we assess your energy requirement, identify system components needed and integrate the whole components to generate the optimum output. So, let’s begin with its working, your bill and savings, time it takes to install and your apayback period:

Electricity bill causing you headache?,

Try out our savings calculator and get a free quote

Solar Pumping Solution

Solar powered water pumping solutions can reduce or eliminate the significant amounts of time and effort spent collecting water, often across vast distances. . Vivaan Solar provides reliable, low-maintenance; economical and eco-friendly water solutions powered exclusively by solar energy to the areas where traditional systems fail or simply cannot reach. Know more

Solar Street Light Solutions

The sun is an in-exhaustive, reliable, non-polluting source of power. Solar powered outdoor lighting products are ideal for lighting the area in remote locations where the electricity is unavailable or erratic. Even in urban areas, Know more

'Electric power is everywhere, present in unlimited quantities'

- Nikola Tesla

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Giving sun a better place to shine

Cleaner air, lesser CO2, for a better future