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Project Portfolio

In Rooftop Solar
  • 200KW Mathura, (U.P.)
  • 10 KW Haridwar, Uttarakhand
  • 72 KW Gurgoan, NCR (Delhi)
  • 15 KW Mathura, U.P.
  • 500 KW Belgaum, Karnataka
  • Project Mathura Ashram

    Project Capacity: 200KW
    Location: Udashine Karshini Ashram, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh

    Project status: Commissioned
    Mechanism: The project is under captive consumption

  • Project Uttrakhand (10KW)

    Project Capacity: 10 KW
    Location:Haridwar, Uttarakhand
    Project status: Commissioned
    Mechanism:The project is under captive consumption

  • Project Gurgoan

    Project Capacity: 72 KW
    Location: Gurgoan, NCR
    Project status:Commissioned
    Mechanism: Under Captive consumption

  • Project Rooftop Mathura, U.P..

    Project Capacity: 15 KW
    Location: Mathura, U.P.
    Status: Commissioned

  • What’s new

    First time in India, Japanese CIS Frontier technology solar panels were installed on rooftop to power up a 15KW water pump used for irrigation purpose.

  • Highlights

    This project is first solar rooftop in Mathura used for irrigation purpose

  • Project Belgaum

    Project Capacity: 500 KW
    Location: Belgaum, Karnataka
    Project Status: Expected Commissioning Mar 2016
    Mechanism: Under Captive Consumption


  •  "This area had infrequent power cuts due to which we could not have drinking water all the time.  Vivaan Solar have simply put together panel, battery and a pump kit which fills in the pond all the time. The project has solved the drinking water issues, and helped us irrigation and cow rearing farms."

    - Mr. Kishan Singh, Works @ cow rearing farm (Project Mathura)

  • " We want to invest in solar energy as it sets an example for our future generation and make us happy by doing our bit for greener environment. "

    Om Prakash Agarwal, Haridwar (Project Uttrakhand-10KW)