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Let the sun shine inside your building too!!

With electricity rates increasing every year, you can trim down a lot on your electricity bill

Savings calculations seem confusing?

Check out our solar calculator to understand better

Well, apart from monetary savings on your electricity bill,
there’s lot more that can be achieved.

  • Low Maintenance

    Just a weekly wipe on panels, and, that's all

  • Energy Indepenence

    No worry from infrequent power cuts

  • Green Factor

    Being an enviornmental consciousness

The benefits become all the more in case your state has a Net Metering facility!!

No battery Requirement - No noisy, polluted DG sets - Save in winters and use in summers
You can compare which is cheaper- Solar or Diesel Generator Sets

Solar Power

Pollution free power supply
Switches automatically
No Running Costs
Minimum Life period : 25 years
Low on Maintenance
Demonstrates environmental consciousness

DG Sets

Pollutes environment
Increasing Diesel price
Regular Running Cost
Manual intervention to switch on
Life period: 7-8 years
High on Maintenance

Still have doubts? We are here to clear them..

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Breaking News :- Good News! 800 KW Solar Rooftop Power Plant Successfully Commissioned at Bhopal.   -   27-06-2018       Good News! 10 MW Solar Power Plant Successfully Commissioned at Karnataka.   -   27-06-2018       Piyush Goyal inaugurates Vivaan Solar's 5MWp solar project for Northern Railways   -   28-11-2017