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Vivaan Advantage

At Vivaan Solar, we do not strive for profits but to create value for our clients

Going Solar is smart. Going with Vivaan is smarter.

  • 1. Decades of experience in construction field

    Our Parent company - Banco Group is in construction field for more than 3 decades. Construction is a building block of any system- it starts with designing, procuring and integrating perfectly to create optimum output. It’s an art – so trust someone who has acquired right skills to deliver the best.

  • 2. MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy) accredited channel partner

    Indian government is proactive in renewable energy sector.Government Target- 40 GW by 2022 Currently Installed Capacity is just 285 MW (2015) However, the industry is still is in nascent stage, it has lot to achieve in coming years. Going solar on rooftop with an accredited partner means you can avail for capital subsidy scheme.

  • 3. Daily generation data on mobile

    Now your daily generation data is a click away... With our proprietary software(a mobile app), you can see your rooftop system generation anytime anywhere hourly, weekly, monthly, and yearly on mobile.

Financing Options

  • Purchase

    Rooftop system will be purchased by client at the beginning of Installation. Vivaan Solar will install the solar rooftop systems on the customer’s premises and work as an EPC contractor.

    Key features:

    One time upfront Cost
    Owns the system hardware


    Simplest of all financing option
    Payback period: 5 to 6 years
    Higher Returns No Monthly payment
    Hassle-free process

  • Lease

    This is a unique model where you will pay zero/very low upfront cost. In this model, solar rooftop systems will be installed on your rooftop and Vivaan will work as an EPC Contractor and an investor.

    Monthly bill will be raised and submitted to client. This will include your discounted electricity bill and pre determined monthly tariff for the hardware.

    Key features:

    Zero/Low upfront cost
    Fixed tariff for hardware
    Recurring lease payment


    Convenient method of payment
    No upfront capital investment
    Buy electricity at discounted rate

  • Loan

    Own now, pay later. In this model, easy financing is available at various banks. For eg. IREDA (Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency) gives loan for rooftop system of 9.9% to 10.75% interest rate. So, get finance from bank for the solar rooftop system. Vivaan will act as a facilitator and an EPC contractor.

    Key features:

    Zero/Low upfront cost
    Get finance from bank
    Fixed EMI to bank
    Payment per unit consumed


    No upfront capital investment
    Easy financing options available
    Excess production is extra savings

Ready to start?

Give us a call or write to us.
All our financing options and their benefits will be explained to you in detail by our executive.

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