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"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."

- Henry Ford

Before you bank upon us, we would insist you to look into our work quality- suppliers and techniques, work flow and client testimonials. Here are few good green reasons you should chose us:
  • Solar EPC Company In India

    Company Overview

    Our parent company- Banco Group has experience of more than 30 years in construction field with clients – SADA, PWD, AAI, Mandi Board etc. We know lot of construction development skills are needed to handle on field intricacies and difficulties on setting up a plant. Breakage of wire, labour management, proper reading,..etc to name few.


values we are born with

Facts & Milestones

How we started and where we have reached

  • August 2012


  • May 2013

     Commissioned 3 MW solar power plant in Ujjain, M.P. as independent power producer(IPP)

  • March 2014

    Commissioned 12 MW solar power plant in Ujjain, M.P. as EPC Contractor and IPP

  • December 2014

    Won bid for 3.5 and 5 MW solar power project PPA with Uttrakhand and M.P. govt. respectively. Received 6.5 MW project as an EPC contractor in Uttrakhand

  • January 2015

    Installed first ever 15 KW rooftop project in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh

  • February 2015

    Won bid for 2 MW solar power project PPA with Punjab state government

  • March 2016

    Commissioned 14.63 MW project in Ujjain, 8.1 MW in Haridwar, Uttarakhand and 5 MW in Bhatinda,  Punjab

  • Nov 2017

    Commissioned 5 MW project at Northern Railway Station.

  • May 2018

    Commissioned 10 MW Solar Park at Karnataka.

  • Sep 2018

    Commissioned 2 MW at Bengaluru Rail Wheel Factory.

  • Path Ahead

    To install 100 MW capacity in country till March 2019


  • Approvals and Liasoning

    Approvals and Liasoning forms mostly initial phase of development of plant that includes-
    (A) Project registration at MNRE (Ministry of Non Renewable Energy) nodal agency
    (B) LTOA (Long Term Open Agreement) related works
    (C) Plant commissioning certificate
    (D) (power purchase agreement) with private/government
    (E) Land related paper work
    (F) REC (Renewable Energy Certificate) related SLDC (State Load Dispatch Center) Registration,
    (G) Accreditation Certificate
    (H) NLDC (National Load Dispatch Center)Registration

  • Plant Design and Engineering

    Every project comes with its own difficulties- soil, weather, wind, radiance, and topography. All these factors need to be taken in account while designing its layout. Appropriate plant design and PV parameters are one of the key components to generate maximum output and thus maximum project value.

    (A) Selection of modules (based on capacity and efficiency).
    (B) Markings based on topographical sheet.
    (C) Panels are mounted as per the markings with minimum disturbance to the environment.

Solar EPC contractor company in India
  • Construction and Procurement Management

    (A) Robust and agile supply chain(Tier 1 vendors) with global network for timely delivery of system equipments.
    (B) Inventory Management
    (C) Quality and Inspection control
    (D) Mounting Solutions
    (E) Alignment of non module components with module component to generate better yield
    (F) Integrated planning, scheduling and execution system
    (G) Final commissioning

  • Post Commissioning Management (O & M)

    (A) Regular Cleaning- dust removal of panels and inverters
    (B) Inspection of site
    (C) Removal and replacement of faulty equipments
    (D) Remote Monitoring of plant

    With SCADA implementation, we can monitor functioning of our solar plant from anywhere. This enables us to:

    (A) Knows real time data from anywhere anytime
    (B) Detailed analysis to understand if power generated is as expected/designed
    (C) Know issues on-field with equipments and manage with effective O&M
    (D) Predict the power generation with certainty

Solar epc companies in India

Meet the founders.

  • P.N. Bansal


    Civil Engineer from BHU, Varanasi
    Founder of Banco Group
    40 years + experience as director in BANCO Group
    Huge experience in on and off field intricacies in construction field

    Strengths: Tremendous knowledge in construction field

  • Deepak Bansal


    Civil Engineer, MITS(Gwalior)
    16 years as Director in BANCO Group
    Responsible in bringing huge profilts in the group

    Strengths : Expert in intricacies involved in construction field

  • Anshuman Mundhra


    BDS, Gwalior
    Handles Marketing Division
    Meticulously handles work and completes with perfection and quality

  • Mudit Garg


    B.E. (Comp.Science), VTU Karnataka
    7 years as Director in Business Analysis,
    Research and Risk Management of Pearl Group
    Certification in both online and offline GSES(India) Design Grid Connected PV- system courses

    Strengths : Exposure in International Trade, Expertise in Identifying, Assessing hedging related risks

  • Amit Bansal


    MBA from IIT Mumbai
    B.E. (Comp. Science) , VTU Karnataka
    3 years work experience in Huawei and Cisco
    Certification in F2F GSES (India) Online Design Grid Connected PV- system courses
    2 years ground research on Hydro and Solar Power Sector

    Strengths : Strong financial knowledge, Brings continuous innovation in plant design

  • Ashish Agrawal


    MBA (IIM Khozikode)
    B.E. (Comp.Science), VTU Karnataka
    4 years experience in Financial Sector
    Strong Technical Knowledge with assessment in
    Industry’s growth and opportunities

    Strengths: Deep Understanding of Micro and Macro Economics

Be a part of our team

At Vivaan Solar, we know ‘people’ are the ones who form the company, most valuable asset of company and who provides competitive edge over others. We provide complete freedom to our employees to explore their skills and become the leader. Leaders who are problem solvers, customer centric, passion to excel and can take initiative on their own.

We invite to join our company and be part of Vivaan family. We have offices in – Delhi, Haridwar and Gwalior.

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