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  • 5 MW Bajak, Punjab
  • 45 MW Ujjain,M.P.
  • 4 MW On Ken River, M.P.
  • 8.1 MW Uttarakhand
  • 20 MW Karnataka
  • Project Punjab

    The project was given to Vivaan Solar by PEDA(Punjab Energy Development Authority)  under tender issued.
    Total Plant Capacity: 5 MW
    Location: Bajak, Bhatinda Village, Punjab
    Commissioned : 5 MW

  • What’s new

    Planning to begin with a new concept for the first time in India : Solar + Organic Farming. Small size plants will be cultivated beneath panels and water used for cleaning can directly be used for watering these plants

  • Project Ujjain

    Total Plant Capacity: 45 MW
    Location: Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh
    Commissioned: 34.63 MW, Another 10.36 MW park is expected to commision by Mar 2017.

  • What’s new

    The park is build on the lowest category barren land with hilly terrain (one of the most challenging and difficult areas to develop a solar park).
    Rainwater harvesting: Cleaning of panel is done through accumulated rainwater.
    For the first time in India, fencing is done through a biodiesel fuel - Jatropha plant.

  • Highlights

    The clean and green energy produced are consumed by prestigious organizations and institutes – Usha Kiran Palace Hotel (Taj Group) DD MALL and many more industries at discounted rate.

  • Hydro Power Plant, Madhya Pradesh

    Total Plant Capacity: 4 MW
    Location: On Ken River, Madhya Pradesh
    Progress: : 4 MW MOU has been signed with Madhya Pradesh State Government

  • Project Uttarakhand

    Total Plant Capacity: 8.1 MW
    Location: Uttrakhand
    Commissioned: 8.1 MW

  • Highlights

  • Project Karnataka

    Total Plant Capacity: 100 MW
    Location: Karnataka
    Progress: 100 MW MOU has been signed with Karnataka Government. Expecting 20 MW to commision this financial year.