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Solar FAQ’s

Most frequently asked questions

Solar Power Plant

  • 1. Since how long have we been in solar business?

    Vivaan Solar started its operation from Aug 2012 with 3 MW solar plant in Ujjain district. However, its parent company, Banco Group is in the construction business from more than 3 decades.

  • 2. How much MW scale project have we done?

    Please check out our portfolio page: 

  • 3. What are modes of selling of power in existing commissioned projects?

    We sell power to both government and private party. Under Government backed PPA model, an agreement is signed by State DISCOM to buy electricity for 25 years. However, in Private party backed PPA model (or often called as 3rd party mode), an agreement is signed with private party- industry, malls, etc. to buy electricity @ discounted rate

  • 4. How much land is required to setup a 1MW solar power generation Unit?

    The land required for a 1 MW power plant setup is around 4 acres for crystalline technology and around 4.5-5 acres for Thin-Film technology. This is only a rough benchmark and may vary based on technology and efficiency of panels.

  • 5. What is the life-time of a typical Solar Power plant?

    The warranty provided by the solar panel manufacturer is typically 25 years. However, life of Solar Power plants is considered much more than 25 years.

  • 6. What is the annual energy generated from a 1 MW Solar Power plant?

    The amount of actual energy generated from a Solar Power Plant in a year depends on both internal and external factors. External factors which are beyond the control of a Solar developer can include the following: Number of sunny days, Solar Irradiation ,Day Temperatures, Air Mass. The output also depends on the following internal factors all of which are within the control of a Solar Developer: Plant Location, Usage of Solar Tracking systems, Quality of equipment used, Workmanship of the EPC contractor and O&M activities.

  • 7. Should we need solar tracker for our park?

    Solar tracker increases efficiency but comes with an additional cost. However, the increased efficiency and the cost implications depends on project to project basis

  • 8. What is min. capacity of plant I can establish and what is min capital required starting solar power plant?

    Minimum capacity of plant that we establish is 500KW. Debt - Equity ratio is usually 70: 30.

  • 9. I have 2-3 acres land & want to install 500 KW Plant. Should I go in Vivaan existing park or at my land?

    Land Cost forms minimal percentage of the whole cost. Installing power plant in Vivaan existing park is beneficial and cost effective as it will have all the infrastructure ready like power evacuation, internal roads etc. that are shared among investors. Also, specialized O&M team is also based at park which takes care of all day to day maintenance activities.

  • 10. What kind of manpower is required to manage solar plant maintenance activities?

    A dedicated experienced team of engineers are required who take care of all scheduled cleaning maintenance activities to make solar power generation smoother n continuous. Here are some of the activities undertaken: Here are the lists of activities we undertake for the O&M: – Dust Cleaning of Panels: Panels are cleaned using wipers – Dust Cleaning from Inverters: Specialized Vacuum cleaners and blowers are used to clean inverters – Matt Fitted Inverter Room: To soak dust and water – Grass Cutting to see if they are not touching the modules – Optimum Tightening of Bolts and nuts – Visual Inspection for rust – Daily SCB Current Measuring – Visual Inspection of modules for crack, hot spot ror any damage – Checking of oil leakage in transformers – Maintaining Daily Generation Report – SCADA Monitoring – With SCADA implementation, we can monitor functioning of our solar plant from anywhere. This enables us to : – Knows real time data from anywhere anytime – Detailed analysis to understand if power generated is as expected/designed – Know issues on-field with equipments and manage with effective O&M – Predict the power generation with certainty – Measuring earth values of earthing pits on monthly basis – Visual Inspection of grid – Transmission Line patrolling on Monthly Basis

  • 11. How to avail all concerned registration & approvals require for establishing solar power plant?

    Vivaan Solar will take care of all required Approvals

  • 12. Is there any government subsidy?

    No, but there are tax exemptions refer q14

  • 13. What will happen after project life of 25 years?

    Plant will still be in functioning mode with 80% output.

  • 14. What is the guarantee that the generation will be as claimed by the Vivaan solar?

    Vivaan estimates the generation after detailed analysis of all the factors that affects generation- solar radiation, rainy days, losses. We occasionally enter into generation gurantees. 

  • 15. Can Vivaan Solar help in getting Loan?

    Vivaan can help document preparations for loan and can refer different banks to clients. However, arranging finances for all loan arrangement is sole scope of investor.

  • 16. Where can I approach to get loan for solar project?

    All major banks, NBFC's have prioritized solar project loan. So, getting loan for funding solar project is now an easy task. Vivaan Solar will help you out in all the documentation

  • 17. Is income from solar power sales is tax free income?

    Income tax is exempted under 80IA and 80 IB. There will be no tax on the income generated from solar power till 10 years, however, investor are advised to go through latest policy draft at time of investment.

Rooftop Solar

  • 1. How much area does a photovoltaic system require?

    A typical 1 kilowatt photovoltaic system would require about 10 square meters (i.e. 100 square feet) of open space. Larger photovoltaic systems can also require less space depends on dimensions of the roof.

  • 2. How much energy does a photovoltaic system generate?

    A typical 1 kilowatt photovoltaic system depends on solar insolation in that area. Usually, in most of Indian states, it would generate an average of 4-5 units (i.e. kilowatt-hours, kWh) per day.

  • 3. Should I have a battery?

    It depends on the consumption cycle. If the consumption cycle matched the generation cycle then battery may not be required. Also, in case of net metering, excess power will be credited in the bill so no battery is required.

  • 4. I have roof with shadow of another higher building is that suitable for roof top solar power plant?

    No, shade free area is must as that will effect generation of solar power

  • 5. What happens to power generated by roof top solar system?

    Rooftop solar power generated is feed in to main incomer so will be used as priority till available.

  • 6. I have Diesel Generator set supply also with Electric Board supply; can I install roof top system also as 3rd power source for self use?


  • 7. Is there any limit to install max capacity of solar roof top system w.r.t my consumption/Load?

    In general, 100% of sanctioned loan can be the max installed possible capacity of solar roof top system.

  • 8. Can I sell power generated from my roof top solar power plant?

    Generally, rooftop is for captive consumption. With the excess electricity being fed into the grid as per the net metering policy of that state. However, in some states, power purchase agreement had been signed with respective state governments for rooftop solar. 

  • 9. What is Net metering & In which states it is currently active?

    For detailed and easy explanation, check out our page - Lets simplify solar and illustrative diagram Broadly all states are adopting net metering policy. The same can be confirmed with Vivaan team at the time of execution.

  • 10. What is life of solar roof top system?

    Solar panels manufacturers warranty is 25years. So, broadly life of solar roof top is 25 years. However, it does function after 25 years with 80% output.

  • 11. Is there any warranty for solar panels used in solar roof top system?

    Yes, solar panels comes with the warranty of 25 years

  • 12. Who will take care of maintenance of roof top solar power plant after installation?

    O&M activity for rooftop is an optional service from Vivaan Solar for which yearly fees will be charged. The second option could be from your end. It is advisable to provide O&M service to Vivaan Solar as they will know we have dedicated experienced team who knows intricacies involved.

  • 13. What is payback period of solar -roof top system?

    3-5 years depending on the state tariff

  • 14. How much solar power systems are reliable and consistent?

    Solar power systems can be more reliable than the utility company. They require very less maintenance and work effectively throught the life of power plant.

  • 15. What will happen during winters or low daylight time, will my output drop?

    Solar panels work just fine in ambient light and will produce significant energy in the fog or on overcast days. In bad weather, the production may not be 100% but they will produce power. On cloudy days, they may produce 60% of the required output. Germany, who ranks low in sunny days, is the solar energy capital of the world.

  • 16. Is the installation cost for solar power very high?

    It is a myth that going solar can be a costly affair. In fact, solar is a very wise choice for people who could actually use the extra couple hundred bucks a month that they are currently paying in power bills. With net metering, the payback period is even less

  • 17. What will happen to the extra energy I may not consume?

    Your system generates power during the day and excess is fed back into the grid through a system called net metering. When this happens, your meter records extra energy and your utility company credits you for that power in case of net metering.

  • 18. What kind of maintenance is required in solar?

    They rarely require any maintenance or cleaning, plus they have warranty of minimum 25 years. All it requires is to wash panels once every 15-20 days with a cloth.

  • 19. Will my roof leak, deteriorate or collapse due to installing of solar panels?

    Nothing will happen

  • 20. How long it takes to install a solar system?

    A typical solar panel installation takes about 45- 60 days depending on the availability of the manufacturing lot.

  • 21. Do my solar panels need to have tracking mechanism to follow sun?

    Solar tracker increases efficiency but comes with an additional cost. However, the increased efficiency and the cost implications depends on project to project basis.

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